Homay o Homayun by Kaju Kermani. Thematic Roots and Literary Backgrounds



PARIS 2019

This book studies verse romance tale "Homay o Homayun" by Kaju Kermani, a sufi mystic and Persian poet of the early 14th century. This tale is a story of a medieval Syrian prince named Homay who falls in love with a Chinese princess Homayun, just by seeing her portrait on a silk in his dream. He begins a long journey, facing the dragon and reaching the treasure, then he finally becomes the king of all the lands from Syria to China and marries the Chinese princess in a happy ending story. This book tries to expose the importance of Kaju as a fundamental link in mystical poetry study's chain.

ISBN (Book): 9783668950542


Gol o Nowruz, Discovering Mystical Motifs and Thematic Literary Connections


PARIS 2020

This research studies Gol o Nowrūz tale by Ḵvāju Kirmanī in the field of the literary genre of "mirror for princes". 

This study reveals the differences between various texts of advice in the field of spiritual purification for the prince. We try to define the new concept of "the spiritual mirror for princes" by examining different stages of the spiritual journey in Ḵvāju's work.

ISBN (Book): 9783346482075


Divine Madness in Leyli o Majnun

Considering the Nizami Romance Version

PARIS 2018

The Leylī o Majnūn tale is popular in Persian literature, as Romeo and Juliet is in the West, but this tale has been repeatedly rewritten by Arab and Persian authors, even until today. Majnūn's story is well known for a variety of reasons. But perhaps the direct reference of this story to the word "madman" is a parallel reference to a mystical phase that frenzies madness. Madness for the artist is natural, and sometimes the insanity in the artist's work can reveal a superficial world. Lover in the ancient stories passes the stage of madness that teaches the basic foundations of mysticism in the language of the higher worlds.

ISBN (Book): 9783346486288